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PRP Therapy for Chronic Knee Pain

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PRP Therapy for Chronic Knee Pain

Are you tired of suffering from chronic knee pain? Arthritis can stop you from engaging in the same activities you love, but we have the solution for you.

Here at Optimal Health Auto Accident Injury Chiropractic in Texas City, our platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection therapy has successfully treated knee pain, tissue damage, cartilage deterioration, inflammation, and other arthritic symptoms. Call our office at (409) 220-0920 to schedule a consultation and to find out if PRP treatment is right for you.

Platelets, a type of blood cell, contain important repairing properties. PRP therapy utilizes your own blood cells to promote your body’s natural healing ability.

There have been many studies conducted that prove the effectiveness of platelet-rich plasma therapy in patients suffering from osteoarthritic knee pain. The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation published a clinical review of 16 studies analyzing the pain-relieving properties of PRP therapy in 1,543 patients with osteoarthritic knee pain. The study found that overall, PRP injection therapy “improved the functional status” of patients, and the effects were maintained one year after treatment (archives-pmr.org, 2018).

Another study conducted in 2013 obtained similar results. 65 patients with osteoarthritic knee pain were administered two injections of PRP, with a four-week interval between injections. After receiving treatment, the patients reported improvement in overall well-being. PRP therapy was effective in improving “pain, stiffness, and functional capacity” in patients with osteoarthritis (hindawi.com).

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Platelet-rich plasma injections promote the regeneration of cartilage by using your body’s own blood cells to repair damaged soft tissues. Many people choose PRP therapy or other regenerative techniques because there is less risk of infection since the procedure uses your own blood and there is less needed recovery time compared to surgical operations. Therefore, many professional athletes have turned to regenerative medicine to help the get back into the game.

A study conducted in 2008 showed the successful treatment of jumper’s knee using platelet-rich plasma therapy. Jumper’s knee is a tendon injury most commonly found in athletes. Too much stress on the patellar tendon, which connects the kneecap to the shinbone, can result in tears or inflammation and can seriously impair mobility if left untreated. The study analyzed the use of PRP injection therapy to treat 20 cases of jumper’s knee, and the results might surprise you.

Six months after receiving treatment, researchers discovered that “knee function and quality of life markedly improved” and many of the participants experienced a healthy recovery and returned to playing their respective sports at the same activity level prior to injury (injuryjournal.com).

Platelet-rich plasma injection therapy is the latest breakthrough in nonsurgical, pain-relief treatment. Our regenerative medicine experts can alleviate knee pain caused by different conditions or traumatic events, so that you can get back to enjoying life.

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