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Cord Tissue Cell Therapy

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What is Cord Tissue Cell Therapy?

Regenerative cells are housed in abundance within cord blood. Cord Tissue Cell Therapy is the process of obtaining regenerative cells from spinal cord tissue and reintroducing them into the body to improve ailments of patients. Collecting regenerative cells can be done in many ways. However, obtaining cord tissue cells is a noninvasive procedure that can be preserved for an extended amount of time, which is useful to patients who require additional treatments at later times.

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Don't live with pain any longer.

This form of therapy uses these cord tissue cells because of their ability to change into any cell in the body. Cord tissue cells are effective in helping the body recover and repair and injury by replacing the damaged tissue. Cells are able to regrow based on the amount of growth factors in the blood, and cord tissue cells have a high number of growth factors to help the body recover from an injury.

Our patients who decide to receive Cord Tissue Cell Therapy have experienced tremendous improvements to their injuries or medical conditions.

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